2015 Sponsorship Guidebook – A reference for the year

  • 10 sponsorship trends in 2015

  • The 10 best sponsorships and activations

  • The 10 best social sponsorships

  • The 10 best ambush attempts or the short story of ambush marketing

  • Top festivals in Canada according to Crop

  • The Annual Sponsorship Landscape Study: Highlights


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For years now, many have predicted that sponsorship would be the next big thing, the future of advertising, and yet the sponsorship revolution has yet to happen. Why? It takes finesse to excel in such a complex communication environment, as sponsorship taps into a whole range of marketing tools—advertising, digital, PR, experiential marketing—and creates a result where the sum is greater than its parts. But more than anything, for sponsorship to really succeed, we need to establish more rigour in measuring its assets and outcomes.

Sponsors also recently found themselves needing to take a stand on all manner of scandals: assaults, sexual misconduct, equal rights violations, racism, corruption and politics. In the midst of such nasty issues, many companies decided to withdraw, a few courageous ones demanded change, and the rest remained silent. Our industry will have to be better equipped to face such crises in the future. We believe that partnerships that serve the common good will always fare better. The world is watching.

We aptly named this document the 2015 Sponsorship Guidebook, but the content is not bound to a specific year or even a specific market. Given that our team has been working in sponsorship for some time, we felt it would be interesting to share our thoughts on trends, ideas and concepts that made an impression on us. We had a lot of fun putting this together. We hope you enjoy it. Visit our blog to comment and keep the discussion rolling.

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Table of Contents
Introduction: The sponsorship world as we know it
About Elevent and its team
Top 10 sponsorship trends for 2015: Shaping the future of sponsorship
The 8th Annual Sponsorship Landscape Study
Top festivals in Canada according to Crop
Top 10 sponsorships and activations: The best in sponsorship
Top 10 social sponsorships: Making the world a better place
Top 10 ambush attempts and the history of ambush marketing
2015 and beyond: Closing remarks
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