Audience profile – a new research tool


Better understand the people you are reaching

Whether you are profiling your audience for the first time or updating it, this research tool will allow you to better understand the people you are reaching, their interests, demographics and consumption habits, so you can be well prepared to re-engage and target sponsors!

You will then be able to compare the general profile of your participants to that of your market (such as Ontario or Toronto), thanks to a study conducted in parallel with a survey of 1,500 adults across the country.

The results of the study will give you a better understanding of your event’s clientele in order to optimize its marketing to attendees and partners. The budget required to conduct the study is $5,000, plus applicable taxes.

Elevent’s purpose is to develop solutions which help sponsorship professionals make informed decisions. We are both consultants and creators of unique tools that facilitate the management and evaluation of sponsorships.

We are generally mandated to perform complex analysis and optimization of sponsorship structures to determine their value and relevance, in order to maximize the property’s revenue potential and improve the quality of benefits obtained by sponsors.

We also carry out provenance, traffic studies, and economic-impact studies in accordance with Tourisme Québec standards, as well as public opinion and consumer behaviour surveys related to the world of events and sponsorship.


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