The report includes the dollar value of the sponsorship proposal, specific to the market you are targeting. It also boasts innovative qualitative measurements to better aid decision-making, beyond mere numbers.


The software can the assess the value according to you specific objectives: whether it is to increase your share of voice in a market, generate a more positive brand image, build a connection with your consumers, generate sales or involve your employees. You get a score per objective, as well an aggregated, easy-to-understand score.

Relevent™ tool

Sponsorship effectiveness depends a lot on fit. Measuring fit beyond a simple gut feeling can be a difficult endeavour. Our report gives you a simple fit index based on the brand image, product relevance and scope of the two brands.


Audience-o-tron analysis

Have you ever wondered if the property had the right audience for your brand? Our socio-demographics tool analysis tells you the gap between your target and your partner’s audience. Again, all of our qualitative indices have a simple score (x out of 100), that you don’t need to decipher.


Industry standards

Last but not least, you will be able to compare the proposal to the score of hundreds of others in the same category, allowing you to gauge the performance of the property and the assets that they are offering, giving you more tools for an enlightened decision.



The Elevent valuation tool is second to none. Its algorithm is built with the latest research on sponsorship. You get a fully automated report in less than an hour, filled with actionable data: the dollar value of the assets according to YOUR objectives, value- to-cost ratio and industry comparables. Unlike the traditional offering, you get unbiased results and the most sophisticated measurement method, whenever you need it: a true game changer for the industry.

The result?

An unbiased and very precise report that can serve as a decision-making tool or a business case within your organisation. Everything you need to accept, decline, invest in or divest a partner.

Evaluating sponsorship proposals based on media values is just the beginning. The future of sponsorship valuation lies in having an advanced tool that allows you to know how much your assets are worth, whether your objectives will be met and how the partnership in question will fit with your audience. That’s what we can provide.

Sponsorship tools

Assessing the value vs. spend associated with your sponsorship investment and calculating the overall return shouldn’t be cumbersome. Our proprietary software CakeMix is the only self-serve solution tool in the world that effortlessly and instantaneously values media, in-venue, sponsorship assets, activation, and owned assets. Gain a better understanding of the strategic sponsorship fit and value generators of incoming sponsorship requests by contacting us for a personalized tutorial today.

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