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Co-founder Francis Dumais speaks with Rick Jones (Podcast)

FROM THE BRIDGE, is a podcast for you to learn more about sports and entertainment marketing, sponsorships, sales, event management, fan engagement along with a variety of information and insights to help you better do your job or pursue your passions.


In this show Rick talks with Partner and Co-founder, Francis Dumais to see how he is using technology.
Rick Jones is “Head Captain” and CEO of FishBait Marketing, a college sport sponsorship and event-marketing consultancy, as well as a partner in Nashville-based R&R Bait & Tackle, where he sells sponsorships for multiple high profile country music clients. He is also a partner in EngageMint, a firm that helps teams create and implement better fan engagement processes, and recently launched FishBaitBiz.com, an online resource to help small business owners become more successful and profitable.
Rick is a leading expert on, marketing communications and marketing segments, corporate sponsorship and event marketing, sales techniques, team building, small business consulting, and tourism and travel. Over the course of his pioneering career, Rick has worked with many of the world’s leading corporations, such as MasterCard and UPS on the development and implementation of sports and entertainment programs, including World Cup Soccer, The Olympic Games and the NCAA Basketball Tournament, among countless others. Current clients include Werner Co., Dollar General, Capital One, JTV, CMA, BMI, Opry Entertainment Group, The Mascot Hall of Fame, and The Country Music Hall of Fame, among others.

Rick published his first book, ANALOG ADVICE IN A DIGITAL WORLD: A BABY BOOMER’S WORDS OF WISDOM FOR THE MILLENNIAL GENERATION.When Rick’s not working, he’s fishing!


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