Digital sponsorships – The new quantified online landscape


By Joey Franco

In a world where the dissemination of brand communications is dictated by a mysterious and constantly-evolving media landscape, companies like French need to be at the top of their game and on top of the many mechanisms that make up today’s connected world.

Noel makes it clear that the ever-changing media space has made sponsorships more challenging. Brands are looking for more return on their investment, and every dollar counts.

According to Noel, the first step in putting together a sponsorship package starts in-house with the attempt to become a useful brand for your audience. “You absolutely need to have a reflection on your end, and your team,” he states with a constructive sense of urgency.

Once this internal reflection is out of the way, it is safe to move on to other topics like budget and strategy. “If you’re not ready to give the best experience in the world to your clients, please stop right away and put your money elsewhere.”  Noel has a clear go-big-or-go-home mentality when it comes to activation and is always looking to keep the viewer in mind when putting together a package. “Give them what they want and channel all your energy on what they expect from you (your brand).”

The second step is to define your digital client. Today, consumers have absolute power over their brand consumption and their media consumption. Everybody is one click away from engaging or ignoring a brand. That thin line is the mitigating factor which can make or break your efforts. “If you try to push the information or a connection with your brand or sponsorship, it won’t work, because the consumer is one step away from saying bye bye!”

Achieving higher brand authority in this day and age has become somewhat of a problem.  Organic reach from high quality content was very obtainable a couple of years ago. Today, organic has become nearly impossible to the point where there is virtually no more space for it. Social media has become so overly saturated that buying media is the new reality that brands are faced with.

The third element of Eric’s formula to success is to invest. The beauty of targeted media buying is that we have the ability to segment our audience and really add context to the sponsorship package by delivering the content to the appropriate audience.

Context trumps content. “These days, it’s not what is relatively important for your brand versus your customers, it’s how your brand delivers the values in the right context to the customers,” says Noel. If your content is amazing but out of context, you lose. On the other hand, if your context is good but your content is undervalued, you take a hit but the message gets through.

“Respect the movement of consumers on interactive media,” says Noel in closing. “Trying to control or induce a behaviour is nearly impossible; instead, use their behaviour and leverage it!” Being genuine is the only way to guarantee cultivating real followers who feel a connection to the brand. Be bold, go big, and stay real. That is Eric Noel’s simple formula in a world overrun by complex algorithms that try to make sense of the virtual world that surrounds us.


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