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See how Canadian Tire used BrickRoad™ as a donation request platform for their COVID-19 Response Fund


Filtering thousands of donation requests

During the initial stages of the Covid epidemic, Canadian Tire used BrickRoad™ as a donation request platform to manage thousands donation requests. 


During the initial stages of the Covid epidemic, health care workers and community organizations are under huge pressure to bring relief to the thousands affected by the current public health crisis. Many companies have stepped forward to start manufacturing medical equipment and others are providing materials and making financial donations. 

Canadian Tire, a proud Canadian retail company, announced that they were setting up the Canadian Tire COVID-19 Response Fund to give $5 million to help frontline healthcare and community workers across the country.

The fund consists of two donations of $1 million each to the Canadian Red Cross and United Way Centraide Canada, as well as up to $3 million in personal protective equipment (PPE) and essential products.


Canadian Tire needed to set up an online filtering system to evaluate and respond to all requests as quickly as possible.

They expected to receive hundreds of applications and needed a simple solution to identify the donation requests that matched their selection criteria.

Time was of the essence. Frontline medical workers and community organizations were waiting. Canadian Tire needed a tool that could be ready in 48 hours.


Elevent repurposed BrickRoad™, our sponsorship request management software, into a custom donation request form for the Canadian Tire COVID-19 Response Fund.

The bilingual form is short but carefully constructed. Before filling it out, applicants have to read a summary of the program’s guidelines. This helps manage expectations and reinforce the ‘why’ of the program.

Applicants are able to describe their projects in fewer than five questions, enabling Canadian Tire to receive the data they need to make quick and informed decisions.

Applications that do not meet the minimum criteria are not manually reviewed. BrickRoad™ sends an automatic response to the applicant a few hours after the receipt of their submission, effectively ensuring that no requests go unanswered. 

As soon as the form was ready, Canadian Tire sent out a press release highlighting the urgency of the situation and set up a landing page on their website to explain their commitment to the crisis and the objectives of the Canadian Tire COVID-19 Response Fund.

Our repurposed system is performing smoothly and has proven extremely effective in accommodating the sudden increase in requests.

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