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We cover the full sponsorship development cycle:

1) Audit and analysis of the market and industry

2) Evaluation of the value, relevance and impact of the sponsorship

3) Strategic planning for brands: what to sponsor and why



Boost the impact and ROI of your initiatives

We can help your marketing team and key stakeholders better understand the role of sponsorships within your organization, find the ideal partnership to maximize your brand impact and negotiate the assets that are right for you.




Evaluation of financial assets

Negotiation strategies

Diagnostics and trend studies

Development of sponsorship programs

Policy writing for donations and sponsorships

Development of sponsorship structures

Implementation and internal mobilization

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Better understand the role of sponsorships


Consumer research and analysis of the impact of the sponsorship is an important part of our offering. We are one of the independent firms recognized by the Tourism board of Québec for our work related to research and surveys.

NEW: Audience Profiling Service




Provenance and traffic studies

Economic impact studies

Partnership performance studies

Public opinion survey on the impact of the sponsorship

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Manage and measure your sponsorships

Our suite of software covers the entire partnership life cycle. They're engineered with science and powered by human expertise.




Cakemix: The first digital partnership valuation tool

Brickroad: A sponsorship request management tool

SPOT: Analysis of the real broadcast value of a partnership

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For sponsors

Sponsorships • Partnerships • Causes • Donations • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our clients are local institutions and national brands that want to boost the impact roi of their sponsorship initiatives.

For sponsees

Provenance and traffic studies • Economic impact studies • Sponsorship structures

Our clients are properties of all kinds that want to measure and demonstrate the impact of their production and optimize the potential revenue generated by sponsorships.