Determine the value
of a sponsorship

Get a neutral opinion on the real value of a sponsorship


A powerful algorithm makes it possible to calculate the monetary value of a sponsorship in under an hour.

Tailored to
your needs

This tool allows you to create customized profiles according to your needs, based on your market and targets.

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How it works

Our tool calculates the value of an event based on its benefits and features






Your Elevent report will include:

An analysis based on your objectives
The financial value of the proposal
Industry comparables specific to the sector
Decision-making tools
An assessment of the event’s relevance to your brand
An evaluation of the organization’s commercial draw
Negotiation target

How the calculation is done

Specific to your needs

Creation of profiles based on your various brands and markets

Tangible value

Financial assessment of benefits offered (media equivalencies)
Updated geotargeted values by market
Value/cost ratio

Intangible value

Organizational image
Audience loyalty
Property/sponsor relevance
Activation opportunities
Sponsorship environment
Decision-making tools based on latest research

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