Six Reasons to Attend the Relevent Sponsorship Conference


Sponsorship is not a simple marketing tool. It requires a vast background to successfully activate with digital, traditional advertising, event marketing, PR and more.

We created the Relevent Conference to help managers get up to speed with workshops and discussions to help tackle the challenges they face trying to generate more value from sponsorship.

 Montréal’s vibrant culture and extraordinary food will also be part of the experience!

 Here is why you should attend the Relevent Sponsorship Conference:

 1- Fill knowledge gaps: get better at what you already do well.

We all know people in sponsorship who have learned a lot on the job. Autonomy, resourcefulness and cleverness are some key qualities we share. However, few jobs demand so many skills: digital activation, content creation, social sponsorships, sales and more. Come to learn or get a refresh before your yearly planning.


2- Save time by finding new strategies on the spot.

Ideas often come at the most unexpected moments. Provoke these moments and boost your creativity during the workshops at each session. We won’t put you on the spot; the Conference is designed to give you practical knowledge you can apply at the office the next day.


3- Enjoy proximity to the speakers and the Relevent threesomes.

In addition to the keynote presentations and workshops, you will be able to hang out with the speakers. The event is personal, so you really have the chance to connect with them. Plus, for more precise, in-depth questions, you can book a threesome breakfast with one of the speakers.


4- Let out the fan in you.

Listen to the people in charge of sponsorships at the Rogers Cup, the Canadian Grand-Prix, the Montreal Canadiens, the Montreal Impact and the Montreal Alouettes. Attend panels and hear them talk about bringing value to their partners and weigh on in the interview portion.


5- Montreal: Auberge St-Gabriel, Pastaga, Milk & Bone

Montreal is a culinary hub, a breeding ground for the indy music scene and is renowned for its cultural vivacity (not to mention top sport properties). Our venue, Auberge St-Gabriel, is one of the most beautiful historical places for an event in Montreal. Pastaga made the top 10 new restaurants in Canada according to EnRoute. Finally, Milk and Bone is an outstanding local band whose success is growing.


6- Surprises

Surprises! Surprises! Surprises!


Book now, there are still a few places available!

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