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Sponsorship valuation: What to look for?


Sponsorship valuations have always been the specialty of a handful of agencies or consultants because it requires media knowledge and a thorough understanding of sponsorship. Rights holders and sponsors alike have very little information on how sponsorship evaluations are actually done. Today we open the black box and share some of the practices. As the old saying goes, knowledge is power.

Media values

At the core of the sponsorship value evaluation lays the media values. Equivalencies are used to determine the value of sponsorship assets compared to other communication channels and their actual costs. Our media values are always up to date. Furthermore, we use media values for every single market. That means the values are specific to your reality and are a more precise representation of the value of your sponsorship package.


Measuring the value of sponsorship requires encompassing many attributes that make a great property, great. The ways intangible benefits are measured vary immensely from one tool to another. We wanted to build a model based on scientific knowledge. The variables we used, the scales to measure them and their weight within the model have been carefully built and reviewed to construct the most sophisticated value measurement to date.


The Iceberg market assessment tool is used to help you improve. You can compare your organization on a variety of metrics. We provide a relevant base for benchmarking by measuring you against similar events, in similar markets. All of which to help you increase the value of your organization and the quality your sponsorship offering.


Information is key in today’s age and sometimes, well, you just need it fast. Traditional report requires human action, which means waiting a week or two to receive a full report. We understand that time is a rare luxury and we based our system on ease-of-use, limiting the data requires to a maximum. With all the information in hand, you could have your sponsorship evaluation in less than an hour.


Our system protects the data and anonymity of users. That means that there can be no biased report or conflicts with other clients or any other interests.

Do the test!

Here are five questions to ask your agency:

  1. Who will be doing the actual evaluation?
  2. How old are your media values and are they specific to my market?
  3. How are you measuring intangible value?
  4. When will I get the results back, and what is included in the report?
  5. How much will it cost me?

Cakemix sponsorship valuation

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