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Get to know Jay Hébert (Podcast)


Montreal consulting firm The PNR recently interviewed Jay Hébert, Elevent’s CEO, to talk about marketing, the future of sponsorship and the challenges of building a new kind of agency. We thank Nectarios and The PNR for this opportunity.

From the The PNR website:


Jay has always been driven by his curiosity, his love of people and his passion to overcome challenges. When he was 21, his boss walked out just months before their main event. In a panic, he was asked to replace him. He did – for another five years. Soon after, another challenge came knocking: he landed a job at the marketing communications company, Cossette, to help lead their still-growing sponsorship division. He not only survived but excelled. And the experience propelled him to where he is today: over 15 years of experience in marketing communications and co-founder of the next-generation sponsorship agency, Elevent. He has successfully crafted alliance marketing initiatives, held leading roles at major institutions, like BMO Financial Group, developed high-visibility sponsorship programs for the Olympics, and built and managed prestigious partnerships for international and national corporations alike, including General Motors, Group, Saputo, TELUS and many others.

On the show, we spoke about:

  • How he got started in the marketing world
  • How the “show must go on” in the world of sponsorships
  • Launching his own agency but not having a master plan
  • Avoiding a conflict of interest in his business model
  • The importance of cause marketing

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