While using our Site and Services, you may have to provide information regarding, but not limited to, your sponsorship project, your company, or your domain of activity. We understand that you trust us to deal with this information in an appropriate manner, which is why we wish to explain how we use it in a clear and simple way. By using our Site and soliciting our Services, you agree to this Information Collection Policy regarding the information collected by Elevent.


1. Information Provided for the Use of our Site and Services.


When you use our Site and/or Services, we collect information required for you to use our Services (hereafter referred to as the “Information”). This Information includes:

Registration Information. You need an account to generate reports from the Site and to use our Services. When you register to create an account, we collect your username, your password, and your e-mail address.

Billing Information. When you make a payment to Elevent for the use of our Services, we do not collect information directly. Instead, we use services provided by PayPalTM.

Information Provided to Generate Reports and Use our Services. In order to perform our Services, we collect and store various information related to your sponsorship project, your company, or your domain of activity, including:

(a) Your investments in communication and promotion

(b) Demographic data of the event’s clientele

(c) The benefits offered through a proposal and the cost of these benefits

This information is necessary for us to perform and optimize our Services, as described in detail hereinafter.

Use-Related Electronic Information. We collect some information on users that interact with us through the Site or our Services. This information can include web sites visited, links clicked, IP address, browser used, or other general electronic information. We also use cookies on the Site to make it easier to use, optimize the user experience, and make it more secure.

2. Use of Information


As it is Elevent’s intent to protect all users, we use—in a limited way—some of the Information that you provide in order to optimize our Services. For example, we use the information you provide to calculate industry averages for our other users. When Elevent uses this Data to optimize the Services, we proceed anonymously, without identifying your sponsorship project or your company. Also, in your reports, you will be able to view content generated from the collective user data stored in the system. Among other uses, we can generate statistics from the users’ collected Information. This Information is first aggregated and rendered anonymous. Then, the statistics can be used to create reports and shared with you or other users. Information is always used with the intent of improving the reports generated, increasing the knowledge base of the industry, and enabling the continuous improvement of the business models that serve as a basis for sponsorship and partnership agreements.

Your Information is securely stored using an SSL protocol so that your Information and its privacy are protected. Our databases are stored on several secured servers located in Canada. Elevent does not sell or share the Data collected with third-party advertisers or marketing agencies, unless they guarantee that the Information will remain anonymous. Elevent is a fully independent company that has not entered any Information Sharing Agreement with third parties.

We also use the Information that you provide to perform our Services, including customer assistance and the improvement our Services. We conduct statistical analyses and other analyses on the Information we collect internally to analyse and measure the behaviour and tendencies of our users in order to understand how they use our Services as well as to control and solve problems.

3. Information Sharing


We do not share your Information with third parties, except in accordance with this Policy.

On occasion, we may share your Information with the service providers that help us provide our Services. These providers enter into agreements with us, stating that they will keep your Information confidential and limit its use to what is needed for them to perform their services. We also establish contractual protection mechanisms and techniques to ensure the privacy of your Information.

We may also disclose your Information should Elevent merge with another company or its control be acquired in whole or in part, but only if the parties enter an agreement stating that the collection, the use, and the disclosure of the Information are limited to the objectives of the business transaction.

4. Your Rights towards the Information


We also offer the possibility to export, in different formats, the reports generated from the Information you provide. This enables you to store your own reports or conduct analyses on these reports offline.

To close and delete your account, please contact our Customer Service team at [email protected]. Closing your account will permanently delete your profile while retaining anonymous and aggregated Information. You will lose access to all of our Services requiring an Elevent account.


5. Other Information


We pledge to use your Information with integrity and caution. However, whatever the security measures and precautions we take, there is always a risk that your Information be seen or used by unauthorized third parties that could have acted illegally or fraudulently, or following events beyond Elevent’s control.


Our Site can include blogs and community forums. All the Information that you provide in these sections can be read, collected, and used by the other users. We are not responsible for the Information that you chose to provide in these sections.


Should you have questions regarding our use of your Information, please contact us by mail at the following address:


Solutions Elevent Inc.

5605 av. De Gaspé, Suite 702

Montréal, QC, Canada

H2T 2A4


Or by email at [email protected].


Last updated on June 16, 2014.

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