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  • Is it possible to host the solution on my site?

    Brickroad is an external solution that lives on the cloud. As it is considered a marketing tool, it may speed up the internal IT approval process.

  • Can I create a custom URL for my site?

    The standard URL has the following structure: It is possible to create a custom URL with BrickRoad Team version. To do so, you must own your URL and your IT team will have to proceed with a DNS transfer.

  • Can I adapt the visual of the questionnaire to match my current website?

    Yes, you can add your logo and change the colors and fonts. The template however, cannot be changed. You can also add banners.

  • How long will it take before my site can be activated?

    If you have all of the content in hand, the site can be activated in less than 48 hours.

  • I don’t have any content or a sponsorship policy. Can Elevent help me?

    We are first and foremost sponsorship pros and can help you craft a custom questionnaire that will match your objectives or a bespoke sponsorship policy at an additional cost.

  • Can I import requests from an existing platform?

    Yes. We can help you import requests with our turn key migration solution (additional fees apply).

  • Does Brickroad have single sign-on that enables it to communicate with our accounting software?

    Yes, Brickroad does support single sign-on. (additional fees apply).

  • What is Iceberg?

    Iceberg is a comprehensive and anonymized database of actual sponsorship deals. I allows us to give a range of market value per type or sponsorship and market.

  • Is the tool available in all markets?

    Iceberg is currently only available for our Canadian clients.

  • Is Iceberg a stand alone product?

    No, our iceberg data is provided to clients as part of a larger valuation process or contract negotiation.

  • What can you track with SPOT?

    The value of real exposure from a sponsoring brand from TV, webcast, social media or digital news. Logo exposure and or brand mention of sponsors is being tracked.

  • Is Spot another software you sell under license?

    Spot is both powered by a mix of powerful AI software and human intelligence. Spot pricing is project based. Please reach out to us for a quote.

  • What’s the difference between Cakemix and Spot?

    Cakemix will put a value to posts that are planned in your sponsorship agreement. SPOT will track the actual performance of the partnership by spotting all logos and mention of your brand on predetermined public social media channels.

    CakeMix will value all in-venue physical assets while SPOT will track and detect sponsor logo exposure on broadcast and webcast.

    With both products, you get the full picture: the value of all your contractual assets plus exposure on TV, web and social media.

  • Why is SPOT the most reliable broadcast valuation service provider?

    Elevent employs market-specific CPM’s for each regional market vs. traditional national “blanket” CPM’s used by other providers.

  • How much does it cost?

    The value of Spot tracking is influenced by the length of the season, or hours of video to be analyzed, number of brands being tracked and social media channels being monitored.

  • How is the data presented?

    We provide our client with a custom online dashboard as well as a full report.

  • Is there a delay before getting the report results?

    The report generation is completely automated once the data has been entered into CakeMix.

  • What if an asset I want is not on the list?

    We can refer you to a different asset with the same value and/or add a new item to the list.

  • Will I be able to compare valuations?

    Yes. We have a comparative report that allows you to compare multiple properties.

  • Does the tool automatically evaluate tv-visible sponsorship assets?

    At Elevent we have a tool called SPOT that can track precise logo values in-broadcast.

  • Can the tool track social media visibility?

    Yes, the value of posts can be calculated for each social media platform. The tool won’t automatically track logos in video feeds. However, our other tool, SPOT, will do that for you.

  • Do I have to pay for usage or the number of seats?

    The license will give you access to the tool for a number of seats, per market.

  • I am located in a different market. Can cakemix be made available to me there?

    Yes. You can sign up for a multi-year agreement. Note that there is a delay of about 4-6 weeks for implementation.

  • What do these numbers mean?

    Get in touch at any time and we’ll help you make sense of the data.

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