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Elevent is the leader in sponsorship evaluation, selection, measurement and management. We've evaluated thousands of sponsorship deals and conducted multiple studies on the effectiveness of sponsorship marketing.

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We cover the entire sponsorship development cycle

Our Sponsorship Lifecycle Management approach uses data to take the guesswork out of sponsorship decisions. From audit and analysis of the market and industry to sponsorship valuation, we take care of strategic planning for brands, assess if the sponsorship is working and measure the return on investment.

01 - Assessing the

Conduct in-depth market research to find the right fit and white space for your brand

We can help your marketing team and key stakeholders better understand the role of sponsorships for your organization and find the ideal partnership to maximize your brand.


02 - Brand alignment and
sponsorship policy

Develop a sponsorship strategy with purpose to attain brand objectives

A sponsorship policy is a guiding light for a strong sponsorship strategy program. Effective sponsorship is about picking a lane, one that makes sense with your business. Our sponsorship expertise coupled with data can help your team pick yours.


03 - Proposal

Automatically score and manage incoming requests

Brickroad is an all-in-one solution for sponsorship managers and brand marketers to track, score, evaluate, compare and manage all requests for partnerships. Spend 80% less time analyzing requests.


04 - Sponsorship valuation

Evaluate sponsorship deals to build a solid business case

Cakemix aggregates and calculates the value of assets from all sources: social media, digital ads, traditional media and on-site visibility. It provides market-specific value for over 150 different items—the only tool in the world with such capability. Evaluate proposals before and after signing the deal to see if your brand got all of the value it was promised.


05 - Contract

Empower your negotiations with data

Our teams of sponsorship experts have decades of experience in conducting complex negotiations for big tickets sports teams and naming rights for music venues and events. Rely on our team of experts to make sure you’re not overpaying and get the relationship off to a good start.


06 - Performance

Track and measure the effectiveness of sponsorship investments

We have a full-service research department working with properties and sponsors to assess the performance of a partnership based on a set of KPIs determined with the client. Industry benchmarks are provided on comparable metrics such as awareness, opinion, brand favorability, purchase intent and NPS.


Manage and measure your sponsorships

Our data-driven software empowers marketers to identify, select, measure, and maximize the ROI of strategic sponsorships.


Stay on top of incoming requests with automation.


Get a comparable market price for similar deals.


Track all brand impressions on TV, social media, news and webcasts.


Evaluate sponsorship deals in house.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Elevent?

    Sponsorship Intelligence: Elevent is a team of experienced sponsorship professionals who help sponsors and rights holders manage their sponsorship programs, value their assets and improve their performance with data and software.

  • Who do we serve?

    Elevent leverages its data and expertise to help brands and rights holders work more effectively together. We work with corporations that manage multi-million dollar sponsorship programs and brands that need to devise sponsorship strategies. We work with rights holders, big and small, to bring them the sponsors' unique point of view. We remain objective by not selling sponsorships or developing activations.

  • What problems do we solve?

    Sponsorship is a complex communication tool and industry professionals are often lacking data and tools to make the best decisions. It's not always easy to make sense of sponsorship budgets and it can be hard to figure out what a company is getting from their sponsorships. Corporations and rights holders have precise questions related to their business objectives, audiences, brand image, social responsibility, visibility and activation plans, measurement and more. Elevent helps management and executives see partnerships clearly with data.

  • How were your clients coping before Elevent got involved?

    Many brands and properties rely on homemade tools with outdated or incorrect media value to evaluate sponsorships. Managers may have an inkling on the benefits of sponsorship for their organization, but there is often hardly any data to support the business case and protect budgets. Marketing teams are doing their best but without credible third party data, they’re left making sponsorship decisions based on gut feel or worse—just going with what has been done in the past.

  • How do we fix sponsorship problems for brands?

    We approach sponsorship with our unique Sponsorship Lifecycle Management process. Backed by Elevent’s expert team and proprietary data, this process gives corporations and rights holders a way to effectively manage and optimize every stage of the sponsorship journey.

    In a nutshell, we can help you select the right properties, advise you on a reasonable amount to pay, and help you better activate the partnership to deliver results and track performance.

    We can build a sponsorship program for a brand from the ground up. We conduct custom research projects and market audits to find relevant properties or a white space for your brand. We realign existing sponsorship programs to better fit the brand strategy and allocate the budgets more effectively. We craft and implement sponsorship policies that help teams select properties (or say no) moving forward. We provide tools to optimize and automate critical parts of the whole process. Most importantly, we track and evaluate the performance of your investments.

  • How do we fix sponsorship problems for properties?

    Elevent brings data and the sponsor's point of view to help rights holders position themselves and be more appealing to sponsors.

    Sponsorship often accounts for 30% of the overall income. There is pressure to generate more revenue and increasing competitiveness between properties as brands are investing more deliberately.

    We help rights holders value their sponsorship assets across ALL platforms, from on-site activations to broadcast media and social channels. We aggregate a vast array of tools to capture every cent of value. We support properties to track value for their sponsors and track attendance and sponsorship performance. We then help teams optimize their sponsorship structure, maximize revenues and prepare for the selling pitches.

  • Is Elevent a sponsorship marketing consultant or a software provider?

    Our software and services go hand in hand. We can devise your sponsorship approach and implement the tools to help you and your team effectively manage and evaluate brand partnerships.

    Our software is built with intricate knowledge of the sponsorship industry. We have been in your shoes and created tools that we like to use.

    We've seen many technology projects that slow down teams. We believe sponsorship intelligence is required to implement tools & processes that will actually help sponsorship teams thrive.

  • Are you a sponsorship evaluation company?

    Yes. You can use Elevent to pinpoint the exact value of sponsorship assets to build a solid business case, compare deals, and support your negotiation with data. We developed the only tool on the market with the power to aggregate and evaluate hundreds of sponsorship assets from all sources and provide market-specific value. It will give you the insight to realign your portfolio, invest strategically or negotiate sponsorship rights fees.

  • Where is Elevent active?

    We have worked on global brands and properties with a focus in North America.

  • What is our technical edge?

    Sponsorships are often managed with home-made tools. Ditch the Excel spreadsheet and move to easy-to-use cloud-based solutions that will allow you to be better team players.

  • What are the benefits to clients?

    We provide reliable sponsorship intelligence and data to support strategies, deliver results and protect sponsorship budgets.

  • How was Elevent created?

    Founders Jay and Francis were working at an advertising agency when many of the sponsorship teams were disbanded. The same happened to them. They then set out to reinvent sponsorship management by launching the first tool to evaluate sponsorship assets online.

    Elevent now has a team of sponsorship experts, in-house research capabilities and a suite of sponsorship software to support brands and rights holders with their partnerships.

  • What makes Elevent different?

    We are not generalists. We are a team of passionate sponsorship professionals. We use both sponsorship intelligence and technology to support our clients.

    We know sponsorship inside out. No need to improvise. We’ve seen literally thousands of sponsorship deals. We conduct studies on sponsorship marketing effectiveness. We have our own magazine dedicated to global sponsorship trends.

  • Why do business with Elevent?

    We know sponsorship.

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