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Cloud-based, user-friendly and easy to set up, our data-driven software empowers marketers to identify, select, measure, and maximize the ROI of strategic sponsorships.

Sponsorship Lifecycle Management

Our goal is to empower you with accurate, unbiased data to drive sponsorship investment decision-making. Elevent's Sponsorship Lifecycle Management platform includes a suite of software that can be used as one cohesive platform or individually.


Stay on top of incoming requests with automation.

Managing incoming sponsorship requests can demand up to 50% of your team's time. Brickroad simplifies request management and reduces workload by up to 80%.


Get a comparable market price for similar deals.

Tap into hidden potential with this sophisticated market assessment tool. It gives you critical insight based on thousands of data points.


Evaluate sponsorship deals in-house.

Success is baked into your sponsorship deals with Cakemix, our online sponsorship valuation solution. It gives you the confidence of knowing the exact value of your sponsorship assets so you can maximize your return on investment.


Track all brand impressions on TV, social media, news and webcasts.

Recognize and track brands on selected channels—TV, news, public pages, social media, etc.—using the most advanced AI technology to capture logo exposure and value.


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