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Rights holders sponsorship management guide


A sponsorship is a sophisticated and complex marketing tool; it entails an entire strategic process of solicitation, negotiation, and customer service. What’s more: professionals who are responsible for sponsorships must fully grasp both traditional and non-traditional marketing communication channels as well as the inner workings of several different markets. Sponsorships can be leveraged to achieve many objectives and reach different target audiences. It is therefore important to understand the basics before launching a full-fledge sponsorship campaign.

This practical guide will help you efficiently develop and manage a results-driven sponsorship proposal. It includes our decades of experience, industry best practices, and the latest research on sponsorship effectiveness.

Table of contents

1. Sponsorship Property and Asset Inventory

2. Sponsorship Structure

3. Communication Plan

4. Fee structure and Sponsorship Valuation

5. Soliciting Sponsors

6. Negotiating

7. Sponsorship Agreements

8. Sponsorship activation

 9. Sponsorship Management

10. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Cause Related Marketing (CRM)

11. Ideas and ressources

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