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The best sponsorship software to save 80% of your time


Our time-saving tool: 80% fewer requests to analyze

The number of organizations that have jumped into the sponsorship ring in the hope of growing their revenues has skyrocketed in recent years, resulting in an overflow of requests in sponsors’ inboxes…

Is there a simple tool out there that can spare a promoter the futile hassle of filling out lengthy forms and save a sponsor from drowning under a sea of requests? There is now!

The illusion

Any sponsor will tell you that most of the requests they get online don’t meet their sponsorship policy criteria. Yet, even when there’s never any chance a company is going to sponsor a soapbox race, for example, the promoter still wastes a good hour answering the detailed questionnaire and the sponsor still loses valuable time having to read and decline the request.

80% fewer requests to analyze

Our tool—which can be seamlessly incorporated into an existing site by taking on the brand’s colours—is the first litmus test in determining a request’s fit. The result? Eighty percent of requests are weeded out right from the start, saving promoters who don’t qualify from wasting their time and ensuring the fit of the remaining requests, which the sponsor can then go on to analyze.

BrickRoad: a needs-based solution

A sponsorship policy, which sets out the criteria to help guide in building a sponsorship portfolio and selecting specific properties, is based on a company’s communications objectives and sponsorship goals. It usually takes fewer than 15 questions to determine if a request is a good fit with a company’s sponsorship policy.

BrickRoad, generates questions to eliminate the requests that don’t match the sponsorship criteria. The system is user-friendly and easy to manage: criteria can be added or modified with a few simple clicks, without the need for programming. It includes the option of sending an immediate notification to the promoter or an explanatory email at a later pre-determined date.

This tool has been designed to simplify the process of filtering sponsorship requests—to benefit brands and promoters alike.

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